Create your own Programme of Events

For those who have to organise and list lots of events take some of the work out of your festival or Programme of Events.

Designed around the type of local festivals we have with multiple events and multiple event organisers, the DG Link's Programme of Events allows you total control of what gets displayed without you having to upload all of the events.

Individual organiser's can create and upload their events, you are able to either approve or reject events on an event by event basis, or you can set specific organisers to a 'Trusted' member where any event they upload will automatically be approved.

The approval process has also been designed around your convenience, where you don't have to log in every time to approve items and users, you can do it on the go via a button that we send via email with a copy of the event.

If you need to reject an item you are able to send a reason so that prospective events could be edited and resubmitted or you are able to block a user from your programme so that you do not get any more emails. All of these settings are always reversible from your own management page, leaving you and your admins completely in control.

"Can I easily put a listing into my own website?"

Yes - Wirefly designs and hosts websites so it is extremely easy to plug in events to our sites, but even if you have an existing site Programme Listings can also be added in.

Here are some examples:

A Wirefly site with their own Programme: Absolute Classics

An independent site with their own Prgramme: Wild Seasons

A Wirefly site with all local events listed: DG News & Sport